About the Worldwide Mama Crew

The Worldwide Mama Crew was created by me, Katie in August 2019.I had started created tees for my two young boys after being frustrated with not finding ethical, sustainable high quality clothes for them with designs that I loved. After spending months researching how to create the best tees made out of high quality fabrics that were created ethically and would be sustainable in the way they were made and the fact that they wouldn't wear out and end up in landfill shortly, I decided to create tees for mamas. I have always had a passion for empowering women and connecting mamas and knew what kind of design I wanted, so it didn't take long before the Worldwide Mama Crew was born.


The design was created by me, and is printed using a local family owns screenprinting business.

Besides running this business, I am a wife, a mama to two young boys aged one and three, and I also study a double bachelor of nursing and midwifery. I have no spare time but I love being this busy.

If you ever need to reach out, I'm always here to help.You can contact me via social media or send an email to katie@worldwidemamacrew.com

Have an awesome day!